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Changing the Politics of Earth: The Workshop

Date: Fri. March 22nd, 2019, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Location: Kelvin Smith Library, Room LL06, 11055 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH . 44106

As part of the Cleveland Humanities Festival, Changing the Politics of Earth joins the Thursday evening, Mar. 21st, public facing panel of the same name with an all-day workshop in the environmental humanities open to the public, “fishbowl” style. Participants will be workshopping their current practical and theoretical work to generate insights and ideas, and the public may listen-in and, when possible, ask questions. If an interested member of the public, please RSVP to


Participants include:

John Levy Barnard (College of Wooster, English)
David Beach (Cleveland, independent writer and activist, former director of the Green City Blue Lake Institute, Cleveland Museum of Natural History)
Matthew Burkhart (CWRU, English)
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer (CWRU, Philosophy)
Susan Dominguez (CWRU, English)
Sarah Gridley (CWRU, English/Creative Writing)
Matthew Hodgetts (CWRU, Political Science)
Amy Linch (Penn State University, Political Science)
Jonathan Maskit (Denison University, Philosophy)
Bharat Ranganathan (CWRU, Philosophy)
Allen Thompson (Oregon State University, Philosophy)
Steven Vogel (Denison University, Philosophy)
Joel Wainwright (Ohio State University, Geography)
Peter Whitehouse (CWRU/University of Toronto, Neurology)

Workshop schedule

8:30AM-9AM, Welcome + Practicum 1: Intergenerational Wisdom
• Peter Whitehouse (as his character “Sylvanus”)

9AM-10:30AM, Theory 1: Adaptation of the Political
• Joel Wainwright (from Climate Leviathan, Verso, 2018)
• Allen Thompson (“A World They Don’t Deserve: Moral Failure and Deep Adaptation”)


10:45AM-11:15AM, Practicum 2: Poetics of Thoughtful Living
• Sarah Gridley

11:15AM-noon, Theory 2: Democratic Social Responsibility and Other Species
• Amy Linch (commentator, Jeremy Bendik-Keymer)

Lunch buffet

12:15PM-12:45PM, lunch + Practicum 3: Civic Consciousness in Cleveland
• David Beach (“On Lake Effects”)

Common Hour Public Talk
12:45PM-1:30PM, Allen Thompson, “Where Are Environmental Ethics Today? A Report from Editing the Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics”


1:45PM-4:30PM, Theory 3: Planetary Problems & Civic Action
• John Levi Barnard
• Matthew Hodgetts (“In It Togetherness”)
• Jeremy Bendik-Keymer (from Involving Anthroponomy in the Anthropocene, Routledge 2020)

Break beginning anywhere from 3:00-3:30PM as collectively felt, for 15 minutes

Cleveland Humanities Festival Keynote Address
Tinkam Veale University Center Ballroom A

5PM-6PM, Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University, History), “Is Climate Change the End? And If So, the End of What?”

  • Access to Kelvin Smith Library requires a CWRU ID for current students, faculty and staff and a government-issued ID for all visitors.
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